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Buttercream & Style is a comprehensive online course in cake decorating with buttercream. With students from over 40 countries already enrolled, our vibrant community of bakers continues to grow daily.

In this course, I share my extensive repertoire of signature techniques, including the renowned alice + rosa florals, along with tutorials for the most popular designs featured on my Instagram.

Through alice + rosa’s distinctive approach to cake design, you’ll learn to create refined and inspiring cakes, mastering every aspect from baking to decorating.


Buttercream & Style curriculum

Your cake decorating journey is about to begin. Meet Carol and understand important aspects of your experience as an alice + rosa student.

  • Hello from Carol and important messages

alice+rosa master vanilla sponge, which is versatile, full of flavour and the perfect consistency for structuring tall, layered cakes. You will also learn a delicious chocolate variation.

  • Vanilla sponge
  • Chocolate sponge

Three delicious fillings that are quick and easy to make and perfectly complement the sponge recipes above.

  • Lemon Cream
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Fruit Coulis

So many bakers struggle with creating a straight and well-balanced layered cake. Understand how to level your layers in order to achieve a perfectly even finish.

  • Leveling and achieving a straight looking cake

The secret to the luscious alice + rosa buttercream, including how to add flavourings and colour. This buttercream is light, velvety and super smooth, which will help you to achieve a professional finish on your cakes and create delicate decorations.

  • The perfect buttercream

How to create a gorgeous yet rustic semi-naked finish with perfect straight edges, how to prepare fresh flowers for decorating cakes, as well as how to style a contemporary fresh floral arrangement for extra wow factor.

  • Assembling
  • Creating a semi-naked texture with straight edges
  • Preparing fresh flowers to decorate a cake
  • Creating a fresh floral arrangement
  • Food safety seal

How to create impressive abstract painting effects and textures on buttercream, using colour and clever spatula techniques.

  • Flavouring Buttercream
  • Assembling and crumb-coating
  • Frosting & rustic edges
  • Abstract painting effect
  • Rusty metallic texture

How to assemble and structure an extra-tall cake safely and correctly. Also, learn creating a subtle distressed metallic finish on buttercream as well as recreating the distinctive alice + rosa signature florals.

  • Prepping the board for an extra tall cake
  • Assembling an extra tall cake
  • Frosting
  • Subtle metallic effect
  • alice + rosa signature florals

How to perfectly frost a square cake and achieve professional straight edges every time with this exclusive technique.

  • Prepping the board
  • Trimming the sponge
  • Assembling and crumb coating
  • Frosting a square cake
  • Metallic shimmer and flying blooms

How to frost dark cakes using only 2 tablespoons of coloured buttercream. Your clients will be in awe.

  • Achieving a perfectly dark buttercream

Learn the step-by-step process behind each of these recent designs that were an absolute hit on my social media over the past months.

  • Tulips & Lilly of the Valley
  • Abstract butterflies
  • Floral crown & Drip
  • Vintage Cake

Check out the tips I use the most and follow my demonstrations on how to use each of them to create beautiful and creative shapes.

  • Piping tips and hands-on demonstrations

* The course begins immediately after payment approval, granting access to the introductory modules. The full content, including all classes, recipes, and support materials, will be released 16 days after your purchase date.