JUNE 18th, 6 pm (UK TIME)

Learn the fundamentals of professional buttercream cakes that will give you the confidence to achieve stunning results, even if you are beginner.

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Every baker began making small
and simple cakes

Those stunning, multi-tiered
cakes you see on social media?

And that’s the way it should be, because building confidence and skill takes time.

Your cakes grow as your confidence expands.

If that sounds good to you, join me for my free Taster Class to learn how to achieve the confidence to take risks and build on your expertise.

The Fundamentals of
professional cake making

Buttercream A-Z:
Everything you need
to know

Principles of
effective design
using buttercream
as a creative tool

I’m Carol, a self-taught cake designer, buttercream specialist and the mother of two young daughters (Alice & Rosa – hence the name of my brand!). 

For years I’d put the girls to bed and then spend the rest of my evening in the kitchen making cakes and honing my craft . It was challenging, but my passion for it kept me motivated and committed;  I was determined to follow my dream and create my own business in cake design. 

Those years of hard work have paid off allowing me to create not only my own unique recipes and techniques but most importantly, my own unique voice. Through my signature style, the alice+rosa florals, I’ve been able to connect with and inspire creative bakers all over the world. 

Today I’m a proud teacher to students from over 40 different countries along with a thriving and diverse community that keeps growing every day. I believe success is found in uniqueness. When one has the courage to be oneself,  it communicates to the world with the purest of the languages and that in itself attracts the right people towards you and your art.

The taster class is a great opportunity to learn more about the course -
and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have during the class.

Are you ready to learn the fundamentals of

professional buttercream cakes?

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