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learn how to make the most delicious cakes that will give you confidence and hook your clients.
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I strongly believe that beautiful cakes will get your clients attention, but flavour is what will keep them coming back to you over and over again.

It is like going to your favorite restaurant. 99% of the time we order the same dish because we just can’t find it anywhere else. That is how I want my clients to feel when they try an alice+rosa cake.

It gives me immense satisfaction in providing my clients with a flavour experience that creates memories and that they feel proud to share with their loved ones during their life special occasions. In fact, my aim is not to provide them with a cake, but to deliver an experience.

In Flavour & Textures I teach the recipes that became part of my story, the ones that hooked my clients and turned my cake passion into a business. If you share the same values as me, I have no doubt you will love this course.

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Between 18th and 25th July, I will be sharing all the relevant information about the course content and structure along with tips and insights to help you create the most delicious cakes you will ever try

This information will be shared via a dedicated whatsapp group exclusively for those interested in learning more about sponges and fillings. Members of the group will get an exclusive offer.

Who is this course for:

Bakers and Cake Decorators

With or without previous experience in baking that have no confidence in their current recipes.


Interested in making delicious cakes and impress their guests.

What will you learn:

In Flavour & Textures I teach my favorite sponge and fillings recipes that not only are absolutely delicious, but have been created with efficiency in mind. The methods are simple and easy with excellent results.

In terms of sponges, you will learn my master recipe – a perfect vanilla butter sponge – and how to adapt the ingredients to create 7 other different flavours which are equally delicious and consistent in terms of results and method. 

You will also learn a collection of delicious filings that provide maximum flavour with minimum effort. At the end of the course you will be able to combine sponges and fillings in a variety of ways to create the most delicious cake flavours, keeping your menu fresh throughout the seasons and your clients excited.

Who is your instructor:

I’m Carol Ravagnani, a self-taught cake designer, buttercream specialist and the mother of two young daughters (Alice & Rosa – hence the name of my brand!).

For years I’d put the girls to bed and then spend the rest of my evening in the kitchen making cakes and honing my craft . It was challenging, but my passion for it kept me motivated and committed; I was determined to follow my dream and create my own business in cake design.

Those years of hard work have paid off allowing me to create not only my own unique recipes and techniques but most importantly, my own unique voice. Through my signature style, the alice+rosa florals, I’ve been able to connect with and inspire creative bakers all over the world.

Today I’m a proud teacher to students from over 40 different countries along with a thriving and diverse community that keeps growing every day. I believe success is found in uniqueness. When one has the courage to be oneself, it communicates to the world with the purest of the languages and that in itself attracts the right people towards you and your art.

What students are saying:

So far, this course has been available exclusively for those who are already alice+rosa students. Check out what they are saying.

What will you get:

An exclusive opportunity

Asked Questions

Enrolment opens on 26th July, for one day only (set the reminder!). Closer to the time, this page will be updated with a link that will direct you to the enrolment page and checkout. I will share the link and the updates on the dedicated whatsapp group.

Yes. You will be able to watch the classes in your own time, as many times you want.

Yes. A digital certificate will be sent by email to everyone who watches all the classes, attesting that the course has been completed.

The Hotmart platform offers several different payment methods depending on the country you live in. Payments are normally made by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive a link by email with immediate access to the course content. 

* subsequent modules will be released on a weekly basis

You will have access to the content for 2 years from the date of payment. You will also have access to any updates and new content whenever they are posted.

I give my students 15 days to test out the course and explore the content. 

If you decide that the content is not for you, a full refund will be given – no questions asked

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